Netball is an exhilarating, fast paced game that has its roots in Basketball, but is remarkably different from it. Netball players are required to move around a lot on the court – and it involves not just running and jumping, but all kinds of flexes to move and get the ball as well. This calls for designing a really functional yet attractive custom netball uniform for the players. It is necessary to be able to differentiate between your players and the competitors, and at the same time, keep the uniform crisp and smart. Here is a list of reasons why netball clubs are acquiring custom netball uniforms different from other clubs.


Reason #1: The game of psych


It is an established fact that the way the players look on the court goes a long way in setting the pace for the other team – if the competitors look very confident and prepared, the other team would definitely be thrown off balance. Custom netball uniforms play a huge role in helping reinforce the confidence of the players on the court.


Reason #2: The colours


Netball uniforms can be very colourful, and sometimes may draw the attention of the players of the other team – which can be a great game strategy. Professional designers of netball uniforms sometimes make use of this fact by choosing bright colours for the uniforms.


Reason #3: Difference


It is all in the looks, how intimidating a team is. It can be achieved by using all the dark colours on the custom netball uniform, and adding one streak of bright colour somewhere. Smartness can be derived out of the netball uniform in this way.

Keep the above factors in mind to get a unique netball uniform.